Create Love Begin Living …

If you want to create
Destroy the obligations you are forced to follow
Destroy the misconceptions, the baseless accusations
Destroy the preconceived beliefs
Destroy getting controlled by the shadows.

If you want to love
Hate the notion of taking
Hate sacrificing with expectations
Hate getting distracted from the path of selflessness.

If you want to begin
Stop dwelling in the past
Stop succumbing to the fear of failures
Stop taking permissions, the confirmations
Stop chasing and create your own way.

If you want to live
Die for the people you care
Die giving happiness and opportunities
Die living a life of your dreams.

If you want to win
Lose from the arrogance within
Lose the anger, the selfishness
Lose the regretful company.

If you want to create love, begin living by winning hearts.


And the feelings rained again,
drowning him in a pool of despair,
but also giving him a lifeline of memories.

Maybe he loved her, maybe he needed her,
In the depths of the night, under the blanket of love.
But not anymore.

The memories which he has clinged to,
which define him, his personality, his thoughts,
Have taught him more than the books could.

Learnings which won’t let him break his heart yet again,
which give him the answer to some lingering questions.

That life is nothing but a dead man’s dream.
That sadness is the ultimate happiness.
That bad is a synonym of good.
That reality is the real illusion.
That being mad is an act of sanity.
That love is the mother of all hatred.
That there’s nothing in doing Wrong,
It’s the perspective and reference frame that makes it right.


She is no more a reality, but a memory.

The feeling is like a sudden death, unable to breathe or move.

The thoughts are leaving me, the memories and clamored voices choke me.

Hugged and engulfed by a breeze of death, I sleep with disturbed tranquility.

The dreams have turned into nightmares, each fragment of time seems like centuries.

The people’s presence no longer matters, every life seems like a dead object.

Lives don’t have a perfect beginning, but death certainly deserves a perfect closure.

I long for it, as I will always long for her love and her presence.


I Wish …


I wish to go back where it all started,
When I had nothing
Where it was all sorted.

I wish to forget the people I had since met,
When I loved nothing
Where no one was a threat.

I wish to relive the peaceful past,
When the people were united
Where the opportunities were vast.

I wish to remember the mischief of this naive heart,
When I was restless
Where life wasn’t a simple black and white art.

I wish to achieve the dreams I had once undertaken,
When everything was possible
Where I was fully awaken.

I wish to sleep with the calmness I once felt,
When frost on my heart was beginning to melt
Where through grey skies, I grew wise, on the bended knees I knelt.

I wish to go back where it all started,
When I had nothing
Where it was all sorted.

The Unreal Friend.


Where are you? The sky seems empty of stars … Tonight !

She came in this life like a morning star
When it had nothing but just deep scars.

She’s a happiness that resides in my heart
Its difficult to love her, for her mood is like an abstract art.

She stood up by herself whenever she got down
For she is a rare invaluable gem, which I will always have in my crown.

She’s bitter and honest like a cup of green tea
I am addicted to her like a shell to a sea.

She’s soft and soothing like a slice of cheese
I will always cherish her, like an ocean’s cool breeze.

She had her heart broken way too many times
I would preserve and mend it, as now it’s attached to mine.

We fight all night without respite
But I can’t spend a moment without listening to her voice.

We complement each other like Calvin & Hobbes
And have striking similarities against all odds.

I always want to see her in the mornings in my arms
With her “Good morning Jaan” as my sweet alarm.

Her hair, black and dark as the shadows on a full moon night
Her cheeks and lips, pink and blushing with my love disguised.

Her eyes, big and brown like a lovely piece of art
She completes the colors of my palette, with a smile and her beautiful heart.

I will forever love her for she’s mine
Alluring as a scorpion, she’s my oldest and tastiest wine.

My body though speaks thousand of languages
It has a single word for her in its vocabulary, which is just “yes”.

I can sense her thoughts and needs even in my dreams
For she’s my inspiration and my poetry’s theme.


Unfulfilled Wants

I want to fly,
so that I know how it’s like to be fearful of the height.
I want to break the shackles,
so that I know what freedom tastes like.

I want to be afraid,
so that I fear of what’s not right.
I want to believe,
so that I never fail anyone who are in my life.

I want to sing & dance,
like I have no tensions left in life.
I want to inspire courage,
like the darkness broken by morning’s light.
I want to be happy,
in everything as long as I am on the path to do right.

I want to dream,
so that i can have a glimpse of her sight.
I want to rectify the mistakes,
so that we both can reunite.

I want to feel alive,
so that i do not drown in these hopeless nights.
I want to disguise,
so that I don’t show the world I too am afraid of plight.

I want to weep,
till i have lost my eyes.
I want to forget,
so that I do not write.

I want to have faith,
in the dead God that I pray day & night.
I just want to rewrite,
the journey I have taken up in this life.


A Dead God

Dead God

I was born a human;
I bowed down, I stood up,
I read, I studied;
The book, the people,
The differences, the inequalities;
Made me an “animal“.

Where do we go when we die?
Death, a mystery like all harsh life’s realities.

Once I had a quest to seek God
But soon I realized, God’s dead.

We created him and we killed him;
And these temples and churches are nothing but his tombs.

I think back, I ponder over;
How I needed a higher power to blame
How I had disbelief in myself
How I needed fear to thrive
How I always believed in a God, dead since long.

There isn’t a heaven, there isn’t a hell
But a timeless eternal travel.